JUSTICE DENIED – Book 1 of The Hudley Saga

JUSTICE DENIED – Book 1 of The Hudley Saga

Injustice and religious intolerance are only some of the abuses Jake Hudley’s wife, Laila, suffers when she is falsely accused of treason and thrown into the notorious Evin Prison in Iran.

Jake knows her life is on the line. With the US government and the military refusing to help, Laila’s fate will mirror her brother’s – death by firing squad – unless he takes matters into his own hands.

But Jake is not only a former US military operative, with expert knowledge of the Space Surveillance System, he’s ensconced from the country with a piece of cutting-edge technology which is sending the wrong message.

After crossing into enemy territory in clandestine, finding himself in a situation far out of his league, he can’t help but wonder if he’s risked too much by placing not only his own life on the line, but those of his children, family, and friends to save one woman’s soul from the jaws of death.

Jake’s hopes are shattered when he’s alerted by Ira Kohan, a mercenary, that he’s being tracked and pursued by CIA agents and touted a traitor by US media.

At the same time, Ali Momed, an unbending interrogator at Evin Prison and a loyal servant of the Iranian Islamic Regime, is determined to convert Jake’s wife, Laila, to Islam. To Ali, this is a mind game he is master of. However, remaining steadfast in her belief, with the passing of every week Laila inches towards the ultimate injustice of being executed without a proper trial.

To rescue his one true love, Jake has to convince Ira to make an unthinkable sacrifice: abandon his loyalty to Mossad, to the Israeli secret service. Jake is armed with a vast knowledge of computers, secrets of the US Satellite Surveillance System, and a military discipline he never truly ascribed to in order to plan an impossible rescue mission.

ISBN 9780968297636 (ebook)
ISBN 9780968297674 (print)
361 Pages

About the Author

Fiction writing is V. M. Gopaul’s passion. His capacity to dream up ideas show no bounds, with outlines for more than ten books yet to be written.

As a software and database specialist, Gopaul wrote seven books for IT professionals. He then turned his attention to writing books on spirituality, which paved the way for a hidden passion to emerge. When crafting and completing Tainted Justice, a lifelong dream of Gopaul’s had become reality. Justice Denied is the first book in a new thrilling series based around ex-military officer Jake Hudley.

Gopaul is planning to continue both the Jason McDeere Saga as well as Jake Hudley’s.

Praise for Justice Denied

An incredible story of true love fighting against all odds, Gopaul has laid bare a harsh reality so few are willing to see.
~ Infinite Pathways Press

… a fast moving story that engages the reader instantly. The characters are real and believable and we become immediately immersed in this real moving drama.
~ Saundra Arnold

From page one you had my full attention, filled with deep concern for all the characters in peril.
~ Susan Haines

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