I really enjoyed Tainted Justice. The plot is modern, meaningful, and plausible in its conspiracies.The story is grippingly told. It's one of those "don't want to put it down" reads. -Clare Magee

I am finding your book very interesting. I keep turning the pages (scrolling down, in this case) because I want to know what is going to happen next… you have a winner! -Bonnie Heidema

…good story about reality, the way the world is going. -Maddie Wingett

Finished Tainted Justice last week.  This is a terrific story - I love it. Make sure you keep me on your early review lists - it was great fun and I can't thank you enough. -Carla Jefford

Great premise for a book…It reflects problems people are definitely talking and thinking about. -Laura Austin

The first chapter certainly did jolt me at the end! …wonderful tension there, and had me hooked once I saw Brian put the revolver in his pocket. Very well done! … promising a great story.-Annemarie Kline

Good story…engrossing…intriguing political manipulations…getting more involved with the story and liking it…lots of suspense.-Shelley Dibble

Very exciting. The author has captured the sense of depression and panic of the characters who face what they think of as economic extinction…The story is powerful. -David Decarlo

Book Review
by Laura Linneman, a doctoral student in English literature.

In the post-9/11 world, government conspiracy, big business corruption, and domestic terrorism are no longer a stretch. Taking the concerns of today’s headline news, V. M. Gopaul’s Tainted Justice takes today’s volatile political climate and immerses the reader in the dark side of American elections and commerce.

Tainted Justice opens with a mass murder at Softek by an employee who is a victim of layoffs due to outsourcing. Jason McDeere, another out-of-work Softek employee, believes the killer was driven to murder by the company’s conduct. In an attempt to get justice, Jason seeks a class action lawsuit and the help of Senator Quest; however, his desire for justice put him in the crosshairs of his political opponents.

Gopaul’s political thriller is a fast and fun read that is compelling from beginning to end. Though the story delves into complicated issues such as campaign management and the legality of outsourcing, Gopaul does an excellent job keeping the plot from becoming too bogged down in political jargon and complexities. Whether a reader is strongly politically minded or simply wanting to read a thriller, Tainted Justice has appeals for any audience.

What is most refreshing about Tainted Justice is the lack of political bias. While the main character obviously has particular feelings about political issues, Gopaul simply shows the complexities of American politics and business. Whether liberal or conservative, readers can appreciate that any political party or figure could be wrapped up in corruption. The story itself echoes many cases that have been seen in mass media over the last ten years. Instead of siding with a political party, Gopaul uses fiction to advocate for the middle class worker and hold companies and politicians responsible for the moral aspects of their business choices.