Self-Publishing by Yourself

Are you a writer just itching to become an Indie Author but you don’t know where to start in the self-publishing game?

Are you a published writer through an Assisted Publishing service like Book Baby, iUniverse or Friesen Press but you’re ready to go into business for yourself?

The link to the info page is -

JUZDIZRTS Author Event

The Author Event on Saturday April 26th was a great success thanks to Melissa Moores. Many wonderful reads. The coffee shop was packed with writers, poets and those who attended just for the readings.
I read from Justice Denied, a novel that I am currently working on.

JUZDIZRTS Author Event

This year Aurora’s own On The Bean coffee shop and cafe is hosting the JUZDIZRTS Author Event on Saturday April 26th from 3pm – 5pm.

Readers: Rick Ferguson, Joanna Gale, Sherry Loeffler, Kamal Parmar and Mit Gopaul

On The Bean coffee shop is located at 2 Orchard Heights Boulevard, unit #47 can be found at the back of St. Andrews Plaza (just south of St. John’s Sideroad off Yonge Stree in Aurora)..

My Writing Process

I was invited to particiapte by Nanci Pattenden
Here is a link to an example of the My Writing Process Blog Tour
Here are my answers:
1) What am I working on?
Currently, I am going through the last edit of "7 ways to obtain divine gifts and powers." Also I am writing a thriller, "Justice Denied".

Interview with Erika Willaert


Writing my dream book; and publishing it too

Writing my dream book; and publishing it too

When I held the brown package, I knew what was inside. My impulse was to rip it open like a five-year-old tearing the wrapping paper off of a much anticipated birthday present. But I could not. Instead I slid the tape off the flap; and there it was. My dream book. It was beautiful. The cover was here

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